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Since Friday 16 December at CreaNova we have held a whole series of activities to make, together, a very welcoming end of term and Christmas welcome.
From November 11 to 20, CreaNova celebrated the IV Science Week! It has been a resounding success and there has not been a corner of the school where science, innovation, curiosity and, above all, a desire to learn did not breathe!
At CreaNova, spirits from the afterlife, witches, skeletons, pumpkins, chestnuts, panellets and the Iaia Castanyera have come together and thrown a big party celebrating autumn and All Saints.
Last Thursday, October 6, we had a visit from the teaching team of Hedegaard FriSkole, a school in Denmark that is committed, like CreaNova, to the new educational paradigm, starting from the individual, their interests and their learning pace.
Being proud to belong to CreaNova, excitement to start, inexhaustible energy, constant motivation and, as always, great professionalism and a great desire to start this new academic year 2022 - 2023!