Carnival 2023: from the caves to the future!

Carnestoltes 2023 - Col·legi CreaNova

Carnival 2023: from the caves to the future!

Thank you CreaNova families and all the teachers, non-teachers and the main protagonists, the students 🙂 for making this week and this beautiful day possible!

This year CreaNova has enjoyed a journey through time that has taken us from the animals of the woods and cavemen, to those great hippies and the 80’s fashion…passing through the Greek Empire, Rome , Egypt…the Trojan horse, and countless moments that have marked prehistory and history.

Before the parade, the Carnival King has allowed us to do everything! from our crazy hair and coming to school in pajamas, to taking mom or dad’s clothes and putting them on! How funny!

In addition, at the final closing and thanks to the AFA, we were also able to take a trip to Venice and be able to create our own mask!

We finished the afternoon savoring a delicious chocolate with biscuits thanks to the Xocolatada Solidaria party in which we collected €392 which goes directly to #Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu to help children suffering from cancer. From here we want to send them a big hug and a basket full of encouragement to them and their families!