Great Open Day at CreaNova!

Great Open Day at CreaNova!

This past Saturday we  enjoyed a successful  Open Doors  morning at CreaNova.

We welcome families and boys and girls of all ages, from PK3 to High School. The collaboration of the students, the teachers and mums and dads of the AFA made it a dynamic day, full of workshops, showing the basis of our Educational Project – Learning By Doing-

A journey that took us from the first moments of learning in INICI I I to the Research Projects of the 2nd year of High School, going  through manipulative mathematics activities, a trip around the world with the “travel agency projects” from Middle School students, Haikus and the interactive notebooks of the ESO 2 students or the experiments in TecnoLab made by ESO 3 students  and the book-trailers or the Escape Room with Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory from ESO 4 students.

A day of meaningful learning, from the practice and hands on approach, with motivation and a critical spirit.

Did you miss it? through the images and our social media you will  have a taste but we invite you to visit the school (prior appointment) so that you can be part of it.

Thank you to all of you, students, teachers, AFA members and the rest of the families to make up this great CreaNova community and for making this wonderful journey of learning possible,  every single day from curiosity and excitement!