Educational Innovation

Adaptive Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The 21st century classrooms. Learning math and science through artificial intelligence and virtual reality

Col·legi CreaNova is one of the pioneering centers that launches artificial intelligence learning tools on mathematics and science.

ESO (secondary school) students use McGraw-Hill adaptive learning tools: Aleks for mathematics and Labster for science, in addition to face-to-face classes with specialists.

Inteligencia Artificial - Col·legi CreaNova - Learning by Doing - Sant Cugat del Vallès - Barcelona


It’s an artificial intelligence system, for online evaluation and learning.


  • It uses adaptive questioning to determine a student’s knowledge quickly and accurately.
  • It instructs the student the topics that he is prepared to learn. While a student is working, ALEKS evaluates him/her periodically.
  • Using the same technology, students of Middle / ESO and Baccalaureate, will have Smartbooks, in the areas of science. These are tools that allow the students to read and learn indivudually while they can perform personalized exercises, in addition to an exhaustive follow-up by the mentors.


In Biology, Chemistry and Physics labs, we are incorporating an interactive virtual laboratory tool to expand their curriculum and to get a more complete learning.


LABSTER is proven system, in universities and higher education centers, for laboratory practices.

Montessori Pedagogy

Montessori classrooms and materials in Elementary

Practical learning, in interaction with the environment and with didactic manipulative materials. Sensory-motor experiences generate learning with understanding.

A system that allows the development of autonomy and personal initiative, basing learning processes on meaningful experiences, related to practical life and experimentation.

Supported by teachers, sensitive to needs and interests, students explore and get to know the world around them.

The Montessori method is characterized by providing a prepared environment: ordered, aesthetic, simple, real, where each element has its raison d’être in the development of children. Freedom develops within clear limits that allow children to live in the small society as the classroom-educational center is.

Dual Diploma

Both Spanish and North American baccalaureate diploma for students from 3rd of ESO

In the mission to strengthen baccalaureate and deepen multilingualism from school, we recently signed an agreement with Academica Corporation, the leading educational management institution in the United States and leader in virtual education, with more than 180 schools, more than 100,000 students on-site and 10,000 virtual.


Thanks to this program, our students being in 3º, 4º of ESO and 1º Baccalaureate can be enrolled in our school and simultaneously in a High School in the USA, studying both at the same time.


The program is carried out online. The students must get a total of 6 American credits. Together with the validation of studies at CreaNova, they will obtain the North American High School degree, in addition to the CreaNova one.