La semana de la ciencia en Creanova

Revista de ciencia Creanova 2023

La semana de la ciencia en Creanova

During the days from November 6 to 9, the science week was celebrated at Creanova School. Many students had their mother or father conducting a workshop at the school, and various activities were also prepared that culminated on the 9th in the science fair.

The High students produced a magazine (“ScienceNova”) which you can download at the following link:


The magazine was self-managed by the students themselves and the school’s teaching staff, with the purpose of “sharing knowledge and creating community.”


In the magazine, there are various articles with a scientific background: techniques for preserving food besides cold, the Red Bull cocktail, magical Botox, hardness uncovered, the chemistry behind fireworks, the Greek origin of computer worms, the relationship between ears and flying, when to water plants, why sunsets are the way they are, the history of airbags, how to use Instagram with blocked Wi-Fi, the music of road lines, weather sensitivity, the universe in miniature, the golden ratio, gravity in intimacy, reading recommendations, the fair schedule and the list of workshops during the week, and a cover contest. A published gem that we hope will become a tradition year after year!


We leave you with some images of the week and the science fair…

… and a video made by Alba Pérez summarizing the week in some images of the Science Fair.

Thanks to everyone for participating, and see you next year!