“ScienceNova”, IV Science Fair in CreaNova!

CreaNova celebra la IV Fira de la Ciència - 2022 - Col·legi CreaNova

“ScienceNova”, IV Science Fair in CreaNova!

Among the activities and events planned throughout the 4th Science Week at CreaNova, there is a particularly noteworthy one which is the SCIENCE FAIR!

This year, in its 4th edition, the level has been very, very high.

We have enabled two large rooms: one for the exhibition of the works and experiments of the Science Fair and the other, has been the place where different conferences on quite interesting topics have been developed by our students.

Starting with the lectures: Zac has talked about Astrophysics, from the youngest to the oldest, in the same way that Marc A has done, talking about minerals; Roger from the Tesla coil and Marc H impress us with measuring a hair with a laser! All of them have had great added value: the ability to transmit such complex knowledge and adapt it to different ages, in accordance with the audience! We have experienced the magic of the transmission of knowledge…the passion for what is done and explained!

In Room 1, the experiments and work at all stages and led by the incredible geniuses of science (the students!), have also been spectacular: toothpaste for elephants!; volcanoes in full eruption; musical show with the Tesla coil; magic chocolate; incredible crystals; flexagons, structures, bridges and other buildings, water filters; polarization; mysterious eggs, … Who has visited the Fair, did not want to leave! We were able to see, touch, try, experience…Learning by DOING!

Do you know which comment was a trending topic by our little ‘Einsteins’ and ‘Curies’? “It’s the most exciting week of the whole course!”

CONGRATULATIONS! and thank you all for your initiatives, inspiration and enthusiasm! You are ALREADY little-big GENIUS!