CreaNova celebrates the Week of grandparents and the elderly

CreaNova celebra la Setmana dels avis i àvies i la gent gran - 2022 - Col·legi CreaNova

CreaNova celebrates the Week of grandparents and the elderly

This last week we celebrated Grandparents Week (the first of the five thematical weeks this school year).  

So many experiences and how beautiful they all are! We’ve laughed, we’ve cried (laughing!) and we’ve been moved by young and old with the workshops and anecdotes from our students’ grandparents.

Considering CreaNova a ‘small-big’ family, these actions allow us to realize and value, precisely, the family, the passage of time and, above all, the respect we all deserve when we get older.

We worked in the garden, played dominoes, chess, told stories, did macramé, sang songs from now and from the past… so many interesting experiences that we have lived both in person and virtually because we have grandparents who are on the other side of the world but technology and communication have made it possible.
This year we also started a beautiful experience with the grandparents of the El Cel de Rubí, day care home. Thanks to Clàudia, mum of the school and director of the center, we had the participation of the grandparents of the center and we had the best time! We just have to enjoy the images because words are more than enough…

Thanks to everyone for making it possible!