Castaween 2022!

Castaween - 2022 - Col·legi CreaNova

Castaween 2022!

At CreaNova, spirits from the afterlife, witches, skeletons, pumpkins, chestnuts, panellets and the Iaia Castanyera have come together and thrown a big party celebrating autumn and All Saints.
It has been a day full of activities where we highlight the cooperative work where children, boys and girls, teachers, non-teaching staff and, above all, families have played a very active role which we define with three words: enthusiasm, commitment and happiness!

From the cooking workshop and with the collaboration of the older ones, we made panellets, cookies and toasted chestnuts!
The students of the Artistic High School stage, with other volunteers from ESO4 enjoyed the most in the creation of various decorations and the design of models to paint the faces of the little ones.
The Middle groups delighted us with their choreographies and made us all dance to the rhythm of the music, following their fast-paced steps. And do you know who the dj was? DJ Pere, our student from ESO2!!
And… along the day, we were very scared in the terroooorrifffffic tunnel prepared by the Middle Stage students!!!
We were able to spend the afternoon with the families and we also experienced very nice moments of sharing and we were well animated with the activities prepared by the AFA: “create your monster” and “paint the autumn”… Thank you!

Check out our selection of the best moments and you’ll be fascinated!

Thanks to everyone for making it possible! Happy CreaNova Castaween 2022!!