The Mayor of Sant Cugat visits CreaNova!

Visita Alcaldessa Sant Cugat Dª Mireia Ingla - Col·legi CreaNova

The Mayor of Sant Cugat visits CreaNova!

A few days ago, CreaNova students from 5th and 6th Primary (Middle) visited Sant Cugat City Council. 

No sot only to get to know the facilities but also to find out what they do and how they work, even having the opportunity to do a simulation activity and a plenary like the real ones.

But do you know what a surprise it was yesterday? It has been a pleasure for us to receive the visit of the Ilma. Mrs. Mireia Ingla, Mayoress of Sant Cugat, Mrs. Pilar Gorina, Councilor for Education and Mr. Víctor Puntas, Head of Protocol.

Received by the school management team, led by Ignasi Bau, we were able to show what we do and how we do it and why CreaNova is unique, with the gratitude of the Mayoress and the Councilor for Education for the work done.

Once again, this bold and ‘different’ project shows that we are on the right track, being innovative and provoking the much needed change for a better future, guiding our students in this teaching-learning process because the future is … NOW!

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