New success of the third Open Day at CreaNova!

Nou èxit de les terceres Portes Obertes a CreaNova!

New success of the third Open Day at CreaNova!

+25 families visited us last Saturday, May 7, to know more about the Educational Project of our school. 

We spent the morning explaining who we are, what we do, and how we do it… families were able to highlight the fundamental pillars of our project: learning by doing, project-based work, emotional support and how we care, individually, for each and every one of our students about their needs, skills, interests and motivations attentive to their maturing moment, pace and learning style.

There are two keys to making this possible: our small-large family, small groups, interaction between different ages and, above all, the quality of the CreaNova teachers: great professionals, in continuous training, dedication and professionalism.

The morning allowed us to exchange concerns and doubts about education, the world we live in and the constant capacity and acquisition of skills that make us guide them onto the future of our children which is NOW!

Thank you families, teachers and students for making this possible! We remind you that if you don’t know us yet, you always have the doors of CreaNova open… Welcome to our School!