Middle and Curie & Malala Camps… Fun…tastic!!!

Les colònies de Middle a La Cerdanya - 2022 - Col·legi CreaNova

Middle and Curie & Malala Camps… Fun…tastic!!!

The camps of the students of CreaNova de Middle (5th and 6th of Primary) have been a great success, full of emotions in the beautiful places of the Alberg La Molina.

La Cerdanya- . We started with a visit to the Caves of Anes, perfectly dressed, and with the corresponding helmets to avoid a head-on collision between stalactites and stalactites! We also enjoyed the adventure park high above the ground! The night games, but most of all, the disco-party last night was unforgettable….

And, on the other hand, the elementary students of the Curie and Malala groups have also spent some fun days in Torre de la Móra – Costa Daurada – enjoying the beach, paddle surfing and body boarding but also taking advantage of being close of Tarragona to know our Roman ‘origins’ and see how they manage between walls, aqueducts, quarries and the great Via Augusta!

All of them with a common thread that have been the Sustainable Development Goals… from practice and with actions we learn by doing and taking care of our environment!

We would like to thank all the families for the trust placed in us to make this activity possible and also the people in charge of Club Elements who have accompanied us and taken care of all of us and, above all, our great professionals, Ivanna, Margalida, Aina, Moya, Laura and Vero !!!

Thank you all for making it happen!!!