CreaNova walks down the red carpet of the FiC-CAT in Roda de Berà!

FiC-CAT Festival Internacional de Cinema en Català 2022 - Col·legi CreaNova

CreaNova walks down the red carpet of the FiC-CAT in Roda de Berà!

This year at CreaNova we wanted to add value to the film workshop of ESO 4 and Baccalaureate students…

…by dedicating much of their work to making a short film under the guidance of our teacher and screenwriter and professional director Marc Carreté… and, do you know what the result has been? 

The short film “Our Little Red Riding Hood” made by this group of ESO and Baccalaureate students from the Film Workshop of the CreaNova school in Sant Cugat, has been included in the official selection of the FIC-CAT, International Festival of Cinema in Catalan, in the section of Educational Centers The workshop, taught by the screenwriter and director Marc Carreté, has been held regularly at CreaNova for the past four years, and is the first time that it has presented one of its students’ work at a festival.

Once the short was finished, we made an objective analysis, reviewing different technical and artistic aspects:

  • At the script level, whether we managed to explain what we wanted or not, and what the degree of satisfaction is.
  • At a technical level, regarding the theoretical part, what types of plan we have used, what camera positions and what movements. We related it to what we had learned in the classroom with the ABC lessons in film language.


We also talked about what “being selected” means, so that we understand that we have been very positively valued for our work, and that this is already a recognition in itself!

We were able to enjoy the short on Friday, June 10 in the morning during the face-to-face session for schools and walking down, like great film artists, the red carpet and the photocall… an unforgettable experience for all of us!

Thank you Marc, thank you students for joining us for this great event and… CONGRATULATIONS!

Synopsis: Celia arrives at school while the PK3 teacher tells her students the story of Little Red Riding Hood.
Click here and enjoy the show!

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