CreaNova – Hands on approach…through cooking!

Cuina CreaNova 2022 - Col·legi CreaNova Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

CreaNova – Hands on approach…through cooking!

And what better way to manipulate, practice, stir, and learn than through cooking? And how can we raise awareness of the importance of a balanced diet? 

What are the nutrients needed in growing? amount? periodicity? Since the proposal of the cooking workshops at CreaNova, high school students are delving into all these topics and, in addition, making a recipe that allows them to have the knowledge and tools to do so.

And who doesn’t tell us that throughout these sessions we discover new talent among our students and have more than one ‘Chef’ about to hatch? Or simply explore the culinary skills of each of them, being one of the many ‘life skills’ that are developed throughout the CreaNova Educational Project.

Mmmm…sorry… but we have to leave because from here we can smell a freshly made pumpkin pie!

Bon apetit!