CreaNova celebrates International Day for Peace and Non-violence

CreaNova celebra el Dia Internacional de la Pau i la no-violència - 2022 - Col·legi CreaNova Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

CreaNova celebrates International Day for Peace and Non-violence

Along this week we have been working through various projects based on peace to commemorate the International Day of Peace and Non-violence (January 30 – Anniversary of the Death of Mahatma Gandhi -India, 1869-1948). 

Debates, assemblies, dialogue and consensus have been the common denominators of these days, following the essence of our Educational Project, based on respect, tolerance and the sharing of opinions. We have gone back in time, going back to the present and realizing that we still have a long way to go, but with the attempt to validate Gandhi’s own words: ‘There is no way for peace; peace is the way!’

The little ones have learned about the symbols of peace (dove, crane, olive branch, rainbow, white hands…) and their origin, but they have also created their own symbols, telling us the meaning of them. 

With the older ones we have made a great journey through time and around the world to know the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize and to know what their actions have been: International Red Cross, Roosevelt, Jane Addams, Martin Luther King, UNICEF, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Rigoberta Menchú, Nelson Mandela, Doctors Without Borders, Al Gore, Malala Yousafzai. 

We worked on songs and made our own versions of well-known lyrics such as: Imagine (John Lennon), No dudaría (Antonio Flores), Heal the World (Michael Jackson), Resiste y grita (Txarango). 

Families have participated from home sending us their messages of peace that we have hung on the Peace Tree we have at school…

Through literature, specifically poetry, we have delved into the magical world of feelings and emotions and expressed anger, fear, happiness and joy playing with words. (You will soon be able to see the collection of short stories and poems we have made!).

Thank you all for making a better world together every day! By the way… we invite you to read and reflect on the poem ‘Podries’ by Joana Raspall, published in 1998 but which is still fully valid 20 years later… Enjoy it!