2nd CreaNova Olympic Games! health, sport and…FUN!

2º Juegos Olímpicos en CreaNova! salud, deporte y mucha animación!

2nd CreaNova Olympic Games! health, sport and…FUN!

What a thrill it has made us all to be able to meet again at the Guinardera sports facilities with the invaluable collaboration of Sant Cugat City Council!

The whole school celebrating the 2nd CreaNova Olympics… early in the morning, Baru, Mónica and Marta, responsible for the P.E. Dept. of the school were already coordinating with the students of the 1st year of Baccalaureate the organization of the games. Bacc1 students have prepared this activity which is part of the various actions being carried out at the school through Community Service programme. With a mathematical order the different groups have been participating in various activities: athletics, fence jumping, relays, long jump, weightlifting, triple jump… we have not stopped all morning!

We’ve sweated a lot but we are happy with the work done… ah! and do you know what has been one of the most exciting moments? when the sprinklers opened for us and we soaked from top to bottom !!! what a cool fresher!

Thanks to the City Council of Sant Cugat for giving us this opportunity and to all the teachers of the school for making this event an unforgettable day, with flags, singing and enjoying the sport! CONGRATULATIONS!