2nd CreaNova Teacher Training, one step ahead!

2ª Formació Professorat CreaNova 2021

2nd CreaNova Teacher Training, one step ahead!

Last weekend, CreaNova teaching staff attended the second training sessions as a complementary part of the Professional Development Plan designed by the management team.

Every professional, and more so if it is a teacher, has to be in continuous training to adapt to the skills, needs and challenges of each of our students but also for a correct adaptation to the current social, economic and professional situation and the future.

CreaNova is always attentive and ready to offer this added value in the day-to-day running of its teams.

These sessions, separated by stages, have been dedicated to collaborative work, the good use of spaces and resources, and evaluation. We are convinced that these workshops based on the foundations of our Educational Project ‘learning by doing’ will facilitate our daily responsibility, making a positive impact on our students.

Thank you all for your predisposition and interest!