Platon is ready for Baccalaureate

Plató preparat per al Batxillerat - Col·legi CreaNova Learning by Doing - Sant Cugat del Vallès - Barcelona

Platon is ready for Baccalaureate

Students in ESO 4 have participated in informative and orientation sessions throughout the school year. 
They have had individual counseling meetings, to choose their further studies. They were also able to participate in the activities of the Bacc 1 students, who also answered their questions, in a session where they explained their experience.

Some of there advices and comments were:

“You can learn here. It depends on your effort.”

“The teachers are very accessible.”

“With an hour a day working at home, you can go on time.”

“Note times go very well.”

“It is important to keep the work up to date and take advantage of the workshops.”

“We have good support for carrying out the Research Project”.

A nice way to share experiences and expectations…