Health and…bon apetit!

Taller Alimentació Conscient - Christian Didier - Col·legi CreaNova Learning by doing - Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

Health and…bon apetit!

Last Friday, March 6th the students of Middle, High and Baccalaureate sections attended the practical workshop on ‘Conscious Eating’.

Our Dr. in nutrition and metabolism, Christian Didier, following the training already started the previous year, about ‘Added sugars to foods’, made us reflect on “what we eat? do we know what we eat labeling and marketing, how to read a label? what is a real food and a processed food?”.

These questions have led to different and interesting discussions so that we can all be aware of what good nutrition means.

The end result has been very encouraging, as Didier has said, with a positive emphasis on the follow-up carried out in this regard from the CreaNova Educational Project.