CreaNova is ready!

CreaNova es prepara per a la nova normalitat - Covid19 - Col·legi CreaNova - Sant Cugat del vallès

CreaNova is ready!

CreaNova is already adapting its facilities for when students and educators will be able to go back to school, following the requirements and regulations established by the authorities.

Alcohol solution dispensers and partitions and screens (original design and made by Makers CreaNova), have been installed in classrooms, dining rooms and other workspaces. At Makers CreaNova, more than 1500 anti-splash masks have also been manufactured, approved by the CE.

The ‘clima’ systems have been disinfected and several protocols are being used to enter and exit the center, as well as to promote the correct distance.

Videoconference rooms have also been adapted to alternate and enable face-to-face classes, in small groups, and with students from home, simultaneously.
We already had a low ratio because we have always believed in a small, family school model.

CreaNova has not interrupted its activity, transferring most of its know-how to the online world, with quality e-learning, close and concerned about its students and families.

Thank you to you all making this possible!