BBCC at CreaNova

Proves CCBB 2020 - Col·legi CreaNova - Sant Cugat del Vallès - Barcelona

BBCC at CreaNova

The ESO4 students are performing on February 12 and 13 the Basic Competence tests prepared by the Department of Education of the Generalitat.

The first day the tests were English language, Maths and Catalan language and the second day it was the turn of the Spanish language, and the scientific-technological area.

The test is informative and a guidance for students and centers. It is an educational activity and, as such, is mandatory, given that it is shaped as a right and a duty of the students.

The tests do not evaluate all the contents and knowledge of the fourth year of ESO, only some of the skills that the students need, both to continue studying and entering the work world: to understand what they read, to express themselves clearly and correctly, have a basic level of a foreign language, know how to solve mathematical problems similar to those that must be solved in everyday life, and find solutions to various situations with the use of scientific and technological knowledge.

Let’s keep on working!