Research Projects at CreaNova = Creativity and Innovation

Treballs de Recerca  a CreaNova - 2023 - Col·legi CreaNova

Research Projects at CreaNova = Creativity and Innovation

This week we attended the presentations and defenses of the Research Projects of the Bacc2 students.

After a long year and a half of work, selection of the topic, study hypothesis, collection of information, approach to the theoretical framework and the practical framework through field work, experiments, interviews and surveys, we have concluded this process being able to enjoy these magnificent presentations.
After the initial nerves of the staging, we have seen boys and girls aware of the work done and confident in the explanation of the results achieved, whether or not they were foreseen in their initial hypotheses, with a well-founded critical perspective.

Neuromarketing, are they deliberately deceiving us? 3D animation production process; Economic comparison Hong Kong vs Barcelona; Does being left-handed mean being discriminated against? what if you are color blind?; PoS vs PoW on the blockchain; Computational thinking in the Primary classroom; Hospitality + COVID-19 = reinvent yourself or die; Who suffers from schizophrenia?; DRONES…to infinity and beyond!; What is luxury, where, for whom?; Experiential photography: therapy and memory; Bodybuilding without chemistry; Toxicology of plants; Climbing, gender analysis; …

The range of topics has been very diverse and the different areas of knowledge have been intertwined to create a solid argumentative speech that has left us all proud of the levels achieved. Jordi, Otto, Martina, Ona, Mei, Oskar, Andrea, Arnau, Chloé, Gael, Óscar, Arnau, Sergio, Mark, Oriol, Abel, Martí and to all the teachers and tutors of the TdR.