We premiere Climbing Wall!!

¡¡Estrenamos Rocódromo!!

We premiere Climbing Wall!!

Students of all ages at CreaNova, and from the area of ​​Health and Physical Education, can now enjoy the new facility we just inaugurated… BoulderNova!! 

One of the improvement actions foreseen in the new Strategic Plan is already here!
We all know that physical activity is important for all ages, and even more so for children and young people.

The concrete practice of bouldering, vertical and horizontal climbing on low walls, will benefit us in other tasks of our daily life in terms of concentration; it will help us strengthen the muscles of the upper and lower trunk, joint mobility and flexibility; we will improve proprioception, balance and kinesthetic sense and, above all, it will continue to strengthen the values ​​of effort, spirit of overcoming, self-confidence and teamwork.

We therefore have another facility that makes it easier for us to continue working on the main foundations of our Educational Project.

We hope that soon, and when the health limitations allow it, it will also be a space shared by families! For now, we can enjoy it with the happy faces of your sons and daughters!