V Promotion ESO 4 at CreaNova

V Promoció 4t ESO CreaNova - 2021 - Col·legi CreaNova Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

V Promotion ESO 4 at CreaNova

Last Thursday, June 10, we were able to share together in a simple, emotional and full of memories event, the end of the stage of ESO4 students at CreaNova, promotion 2017 – 2021. 

Finally, and strictly following the COVID-19 regulations stipulated by the Departments of Education and Health, we meet ourselves in person taking advantage of the outdoor spaces enjoyed by the school facility.

Marta Bernabé opened the event as the ESO4 tutor and Coordinator of the stage, followed by the daring and funny parliaments of Artur, Andrés, Aura, Gael, Jofre and Jordi.

The musical interventions of Tai (ESO2 student) and Mei on violin, and Oskar on cello, highlighted the qualities and abilities of our students beyond purely academic knowledge.
Boys and girls of ESO4, now ‘graduates’ .


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