STE(A)M Summer Camp at CreaNova

Robtoics and Steam - La 3a setmana de Summer Camps a CreaNova - 2021 - Col·legi CreaNova Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

STE(A)M Summer Camp at CreaNova

Week 3 of Summer Campus… imagination through technology! 

Within the CreaNova Educational Project, the area of ​​Science and Technology has a very important role beyond the subject itself and it is for this reason that, during the summer, we have continued to show this inquisitive and creative spirit.

Trial-error, manipulation, experience and practice are the key to acquiring meaningful learning by the student and understanding the basics of coding allows us to structure our mind and face decision-making from another perspective.
Thinking about how we can put a piece of cardboard, with a wheel and a moving string, means implementing various strategies and points of view until we reach a final solution…

These days we wanted to go further and work on the principle of Archimedes, fluid mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics through the Heron Fountain; the Leonardo da Vinci’s Dome and Bridge have led us to delve deeper into physics, mathematics, and technology; we approached Art with strings and the generation of conicsl and finally we got a taste of mechanical engineering and coding with 4wheel car construction and the great robot battle!

Only with the images we offer, you can quickly intuit and recognize that the spirit scientific-technological of the participants in the CreaNova STE (A) M Summer Camp continues, full of excitement and curiosity … CONGRATULATIONS technolovers !!!