New Cooking Team: ready for the best service and quality

Nou equip de cuina: preparats per a la millor atenció i qualitat

New Cooking Team: ready for the best service and quality

At CreaNova, the ‘lunch time’ moment has always been considered as part of the Educational Project: what we eat, how we eat, is as important as the dynamics and social relationships that this moment establishes between all of us.

We start from a philosophy of km0 and 85% organic cooking and we have the advice of Dr. Cristian Didier, nutritionist, director of Disanta Nutrició and researcher and teacher at the University of Lleida.

We also take this opportunity to introduce our new Cooking team headed by Rubén, with the essential collaboration of Marcela and Álex. As experts land at CreaNova with strength and desire to convey through our menus that it is possible to have a healthy diet, while being rich and tasty.

We have complemented this start of the new team with training and advice from the Associació Celíacs de Catalunya, to review the processes and protocols necessary to serve members of our educational community who require this rigor in their diets. We are all very happy not only to increase our team in quantity but, above all, in quality!

Enjoy your meal!