Let’s make an urban garden!

Fem un hort urbà!

Let’s make an urban garden!

From the youngest to the 1st year of ESO, the students have been able to know the how, when, what and why of aromatic plants, medicinal plants and other fruits and vegetables that the ground gives us. 

Taking advantage of the good weather and being a time of growth and planting of new seeds in recent weeks by the hand of Regina (gardening specialist) and Montse (mother of the school, forerunner of composting at home), the students of ‘Elementary’ through different workshops have had the opportunity to approach gardening, urban gardening and composting.

We took care of the space, we prepared the land and we decided, together, how to organize our garden: Aloe Vera, cucumbers, lettuces, pumpkins, strawberries, tomatoes mint, artichokes, rosemary, thyme … each plant and each cutting with enough personality so that they have a privileged place taking into account the depth and quality of the land, the hours of sunshine, and other particularities such as growth rate and amount of water they need…

Did you know that there are worms that are very useful to us? Did you know that rosemary is called Rosmarinus Officinalis in Latin? and … that Thymus vulgaris can also be called rudder, rudder or thyme?

At CreaNova we have applied Learning By Doing methodology again in all its essence!

Thank you Regina and Montse for your explanations and dedication to all of us!