Grandparents’ week

Setmana dels avis i àvies - 2021 - Col·legi CreaNova Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

Grandparents’ week

This week has been full of emotions, memories and learning with the welcome of grandparents from CreaNova students.

As part of our educational program, throughout the school year we can enjoy thematic weeks and this has been the one we dedicate to grandparents.

Experience is a degree, we say, and passion and enthusiasm are priceless. We wouldn’t know who has been happier, whether grandparents or grandchildren, but surely we’ve all enjoyed and learned by sharing these beautiful moments.

Throughout the week we have been told stories, with the participation of cabbages and snails !; we had the chance to discover lifelong games, recipes (lemon cookies … mmmm!), make chemical reactions (almost magical), virtual tours from Canada, family trees and so much more…

How lucky we are to be able to enjoy our grandparents !! Thank you all!