CreaNova with the ‘highest’!

Hackathon 2021 - 2021 - Col·legi CreaNova Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

CreaNova with the ‘highest’!

Boehringer Ingelheim company has held the 3rd edition of the ‘Committed to the Future’ Hackathon with the aim of boosting commitment to the future in the field of human and animal health by fostering innovation and digital talent.

Mei, Jofre, Oriol (Bacc1 students) and Guillem (ESO3 student) have represented CreaNova in this adventure where they were the youngest among graduates, computer engineers and high level people!

Their project was about a system for managing the medication of dependent people: it consists of an application that helps the patient to control his pills and doses, when and how. There is a physical part, some kind of a ‘button’, which helps visually and audibly to the person and / or the caregiver, also the app where all the management is done and a server where all the data with possible access to the information is stored , wherever you are.

All this in just 48 intense hours this past weekend!
The steps that they followed are: thinking about the idea, dividing the tasks according to each one’s skills, trial and error and … final presentation! 

I had a great time, I learned to work under pressure, says Mei

I was already coding - says Oriol - but the Hackathon has allowed me to discover the importance not only of creating a good product, but also of knowing how to sell it!

And Jofre tells us: I’ve learned a lot and, above all, when it’s important to have a good idea, to know how to develop it and to make a good demonstration and defense of your project

From CreaNova we tell you that we are very proud of you, of the CreaChill group, this group formed by our young entrepreneurs and their “PillCal” project which, finally, has received a well-deserved special mention. CONGRATULATIONS!