CreaNova stands out at UVic! Llegim Ciència Awards 2021

CreaNova destaca a la UVic! Premis Llegim Ciència 2021

CreaNova stands out at UVic! Llegim Ciència Awards 2021

Jaume Avila, ESO3 student, Picasso Assembly of the CreaNova School, awarded the Llegim Ciència Prize at the University of Vic! 

Last Wednesday we attended the awards ceremony of the Contest held by the University of Vic and we were able to enjoy some very exciting moments.

It was a hybrid event that brought together more than 600 people simultaneously between the Aula Magna and the Zoom and YouTube platforms. The event was organized by the Faculty of Science and Technology through the Science and Society science outreach program, with the aim of arousing interest in scientific literature in adolescents. A total of 86 stories from young people in the third and fourth years of ESO from 19 secondary schools throughout Catalonia took part in the competition.

In this year’s edition, the competition started with the reading of the book The Crimes of the Periodic Table (Santillana, 2019) by Xavier Duran and Jordi de Manuel, to propose two types of story from which students could choose. In the first, they were asked to write an alternative ending to the novel, in which new clues related to the periodic table of elements appeared. In the second modality, the boys and girls had to put themselves in the shoes of Malik, the protagonist of the original book, and become journalists to write a complete article, also related to the periodic table, that could be published. in the newspaper where Clara works, another of the protagonists.

Our student Jaume decided to take the first option by creating a very interesting alternative ending … if you follow this link … pay attention to the pseudonym ‘Beril·li’.

Here you can follow the whole event – Session 1 – from 9.00 am to 10.30 am – YouTube on the UVic-UCC line: 


The awards ceremony was divided into two different parts, one for the third year of ESO and the other for the fourth. The awards ceremony was attended by the Vice-Rector for Research and Knowledge Transfer at UVic-UCC, Jordi Collet, as well as the authors of The Crimes of the Periodic Table. Students were able to interact with the writers through the Zoom chat in an open dialogue round, where issues related to narrative and science were discussed. The sessions were led by the coordinator of the Science and Society program, Professor Julita Oliveras. 

The teachers and the rest of the educational community that makes up CreaNova are very happy for this success and encourage us to continue working from practice and concern towards our students. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to highlight the encouragement and support given by his tutor (and chemistry teacher!) Cristina Prada. Thanks and … CONGRATULATIONS Jaume!