CreaNova on wheels

sortida amb bicicleta i patinet

CreaNova on wheels

Continuing with the programming of the Physical Education area at CreaNova, the students of Hawking and Plato went on a bike and scooter trip. 
With the help of our P.E. specialist Baru Marcikova and the president of the Cycling Union of Sant Cugat, Oriol Cusó and Mr. Martí Mula, a veteran cyclist, we did a tour around Sant Cugat, taking advantage of the bike lanes and following the established road rules.

We started the outing by reviewing the essential parts of the bike, knowing its mechanical and mobility details and reviewing the traffic rules to follow when riding a bike and in a large group.

Excitement, nerves and joy have completed this morning cycling that has been the beginning of new ideas and routes for the future.

We are grateful for the collaboration of the Unió Ciclista de Sant Cugat and we hope to see you again soon! Thank you!