CreaNova on wheels!

Bicicletada  - 2021 Col·legi CreaNova Sant Cugat (Barcelona)

CreaNova on wheels!

Previous preparations are essential for a successful and safe ride: checking the chain, brakes, seat, handlebars … water can, breakfast … helmet and … cycling!

Whether on a scooter or on a bicycle, from the school’s Physical Education area and with the support of the Sant Cugat del Vallès Cycling Club, this year the secondary school students have once again enjoyed cycling. 

The surroundings of Sant Cugat and its bike lanes have allowed us to put into practice our skills and knowledge when using this type of sustainable transport, be respectful of other users and more knowledgeable about the traffic regulations, as drivers and as pedestrians.

We also fell down, we got up and above all, we helped each other, enjoying sport, health and nature!

We take this opportunity to thank the Unió Ciclista de Sant Cugat for their invaluable collaboration. Thank you all!