CreaNova on the way to the University!

La Universidad Internacional de Cataluña (UIC) presentó sus grados y propuestas educativas de sus diferentes campus universitarios.

CreaNova on the way to the University!

The International University of Catalonia (UIC) presented its degrees and educational proposals from its different university campuses to Bacc students. 

This talk is part of the Academic and Professional Orientation Program that CreaNova offers to its students during their stage of Secondary Education, mainly from 3rd of ESO.

Starting with self-knowledge, discovering and analyzing skills and competencies, expressing their concerns and doubts, step by step we are opening up a whole range of possibilities that will allow them to design this near future and encourage decision-making at this moment, so important to our students.

Anna, Pipo and David, heads of the UIC’s Information and Admissions Service, offered a fun, close and encouraging talk to these possible ‘new’ university students!

Thank you to share it with us!

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