CreaNova goes to the Granja d’Aventura Park!

CreaNova visita la Granja d'Aventura Park

CreaNova goes to the Granja d’Aventura Park!

CreaNova’s Elementary and Middle stage is even closer to nature! 

What excitement the students showed during the outing and visit they made to the Granja d’Aventura Park in Viladecavalls!

An excellent organization by the people in charge of the Granja d’Aventura Park has allowed us to enjoy it to the fullest in an environment where every corner can be a surprise.

Prepared and respecting the established COVID-19 regulations, we started early in the morning working on different activities prepared by areas of knowledge, interests and groups.
From knowing a little more and knowing how to take care of the usual farm animals of the territory, to being able to enjoy the spectacle and exoticism of species from all over the world!

We also had the opportunity to work in the garden, understanding even more how fruits and vegetables grow, and we ended up planting a lettuce.
In addition, the ropes, nets and log circuits in the middle of the forest have tested the balance and abilities of each one of us.

An excellent day between laughter and learning that we will not forget!