CreaNova – 2nd Literary Week

Setmana de les Lletres i la Literatura - Sant Jordi - 2021 - Col·legi CreaNova Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

CreaNova – 2nd Literary Week

We have already spent another Literary Week at CreaNova! Sant Jordi has marked this literary end with the possibility of sharing books and roses with each other. 

With a constant mix of virtuality and presence we have gone back to the era of Shakespeare, reminiscent of Cervantes but we have also traveled to the origins of cuneiform symbols and how we have evolved to the current characters.
The visit of the writers Marta Carrasco (children’s literature) and Isabel de Río (youth literature) have brought us even closer to the magic of reading, imagination and adventure.

We’ve been able to get home books back so they can have one of many opportunities by creating a ‘second hand market’ exchange system.

The legend of Sant Jordi has led us to talk about castles, walls, defense systems and the manufacture of spectacular models simulating the visit of the knight and his encounter with the princess and the dragon.
The rose has allowed us to work with clay, chalk, clothes, felt and ‘sugar’ that have sweetened our week…
The compositions and stories created have been ‘published’, each making his/her own book and sewing the pages together, as it was done before!

How many learnings it has given us this week!
Enjoy the pictures and discover the personal challenge of each one when doing an ‘extreme reading!’

By the way, would you like to find a palindrome in Catalan, Spanish or English? And … could you represent a ‘saying’ without words? This is your challenge … Make it 🙂