Baccalaureate Research Projects

Treball de Recerca Batxillerat - 2021  - Col·legi CreaNova - learning by doing - Sant Cugat del Vallès - Barcelona

Baccalaureate Research Projects

CreaNova’s 2nd year high school students are currently making presentations of their research papers.

It has been a path started in1st of Baccalaureate that culminates in these moments. Choosing a topic, thinking about what we want to demonstrate, making a good argument based on fieldwork, surveys and interviews with different professionals and / or witnesses has not been an easy task. Assessing the information received, filtering it well, referring to other research and making a good citation and structuring it from the initial outline, has been a long journey with obstacles, disappointments but also great discoveries and satisfactions. 

From the educators team and the jury that are attending the presentations we have to say that we are being able to enjoy the maturity and quality of work and an admirable oratory ability of our students! The diversity of the topics covered is synonymous with CreaNova’s DNA: ‘Let’s learn by doing!’ From the role of women during the Franco regime, to the analysis of the pros and cons of a vegan diet, independent cinema, how to manage your money, up to the depth of death in adolescence or mental illness, students show us their quality and investigative ability.

Starting from our interests and motivations and self-demanding because the commitment to be able to delve into those topics that we are passionate about requires it. Congratulations to all of them, including the teachers who guide them every day, encourage and accompany them in the teaching-learning process.