2nd Math Week at CreaNova

2ª Semana Matemática en CreaNova

2nd Math Week at CreaNova

CreaNova celebrates the 2nd Math Week (March 8 to 15), coinciding with the day ‘pi’ 03/14. 

This year we got it! From the 8th to the 15th of March we have been able to have a great face-to-face math party! Students, teachers and families have been very involved and discovered the richness of numbers…

Have you ever done a Mathematical Escape Room? Are maths important for solving puzzles and strange cases, such as a kidnapping or the disappearance of a cake ?; Poetry and Maths? (Im) possible!; Art + Geometry + Science + Sustainability = what a beautiful world around us! … simple combinations, equations, series, perforated table, Montessori trinomial cube … from 0 to 100 years !!! Who dares?

How many activities and proposals have made us see the beauty of Mathematics and the constant connection with our day to day. Here is a small collection of different ‘moments’ of excitement and learning.

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