CreaNova students enjoy Financial Education and go to the Theatre from home!

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CreaNova students enjoy Financial Education and go to the Theatre from home!

EFEC program, basic financial education workshops. Debating about Mirall Trencat – Mercè Rodoreda, live the Drama from home!

During these days of these mandatory confinement regulations for the benefit of all of us, at CreaNova we continue offering to our students the development of activities planned in their teaching-learning process taking advantage of the collaborative possibilities offered, in this case, by EFEC and by CIA Mea Culpa.



This financial education program is part of the recommendations of international organizations (OECD) in order to provide citizens with better skills to manage their savings and consists of six talks.

Last Wednesday, April 1, the students of Plató attended the virtual talk-workshop “Managing your money”, by Jordi Palacín with the aim of familiarizing ourselves with the management of personal budgets.

This program is promoted by the Department of the Vice Presidency for the Economy and Finance and the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Tax Agency of Catalonia.



Last Friday, April 3, the Baccalaureate2 students participated together with 5 other institutes in the ‘on-line’ performance and, later, in the colloquium, being able to interact with the actors and actresses even in a more closer situation than in person. Not only the reading of Mercè Rodoreda’s work but the preparation of the questions by the spectators facilitated a fluid, entertaining and rich dialogue.

We were able to delve into the characters and the symbology, discovering some secrets that helped us all to better understand the work, its meaning and its importance in Catalan literature.

We want to highlight the good predisposition of all the participants given the circumstances we are experiencing. Both in the Economy workshop and in the Drama proposal the attendance and participation of our students was remarkable. Congratulations and let’s keep on going!