CreaNova and the use of outdoor spaces

Instal·lació de carpes - Col·legi CreaNova - learning by doing - Sant Cugat del Vallès - Barcelona

CreaNova and the use of outdoor spaces

Anyone who knows CreaNova knows perfectly well that its Educational Project is based on ‘Learning by doing’.

Contact with nature, case studies, action-reaction, scientific method (hypothesis, materials, tests, experimentation and evaluation of results), etc., are different techniques and strategies of our day to day in the teaching-learning process of our students.

Project based work and the preparation of environments to accommodate these ‘real’ practices allow us to complete the circle. Every step you take at CreaNova is a place to learn … both inside and outside.

These days we can already enjoy new spaces with the installation of these magnificent tents that have already begun to move young and old to the theater of ancient Greece or the adventures of a large family lost in the forest. Excitement, mystery, curiosity and imagination … what more suitable ingredients for our creativity to be infinite!