CreaNova and its ‘Penfriends’ from Denmark!

Penfriends de Druestrup Friskole (Denmark) - Col·legi CreaNova Learning by Doing - Sant Cugat del Vallès - Barcelona

CreaNova and its ‘Penfriends’ from Denmark!

On June 10, a group of 20 students, ages 13-14, from a Danish school, Druestrup Friskole, were ready to visit with two of their teachers.

They were going to spend 5 days in Barcelona and wanted to dedicate one of them to know CreaNova. Our students from Hawking have been exchanging emails, from the beginning of the second term, to get to know each other, and thinking about activities to do with them, when they came. For example, a typical dish of our country.

This physical visit cannot be in June. We are thinking in the possibility of make it happen in October. But what they have been able to do is to know each other, via Meet, in the RadioNova sessions!

The 20 students from Druestrup Friskole and their teacher, Trine, and the 20 students from Hawking and Cristina, their tutor and English teacher, got connected and met their friends. After a general dynamic with typical questions: How old are you? o What is your hobby? each one answered on a paper and showed the answer through the screen. They began to organize themselves in small groups, in 4s, to talk, sing, translating words, knowing how to count in each other’s language, etc.

Every Monday, they will carry out these meetings, with dynamics, presentations and different activities and proposals. An enriching way to keep in touch from the distance.