Acknowledgement to CreaNova in the fight against Covid-19

Reconeixement a CreaNova en la lluita contra el Covid-19 - Col·legi CreaNova - 2020

Acknowledgement to CreaNova in the fight against Covid-19

CreaNova altruistically donates 1500 anti-splash screens and the Mossos d’Esquadra recognizes us.

Last Thursday the Chief Inspector of the Sant Cugat Police Station, Manel Rodríguez; Corporal Head, Joan Ferri and the agent Paco Bustos of the Community Police (Office of Community Relations and Proximity), Sant Cugat del Vallès District Police Station, gave a written acknowledgment and thanks to CreaNova for our collaboration with the Mossos d’Esquadra in the health situation caused by the COVID – 19.

Ever since we found ourselves in this unexpected situation of lockdown and alarm, Makers Lab CreaNova has been working to see how we can collaborate from the start and find ways to help with our resources. First, from the laser printer and then using 3D printers, we prototyped and got the masks and anti-splash screens approved.

To date, we have made more than 1,500 anti splash screens and are still working on them. The Mossos d’Esquadra distribute them according to their criteria and to the institutions or entities that may need them: Nursing homes, factories, shops, hospitals, etc.

Together, we will get it!