2nd Science Week and 1st Virtual Experiment Fair at CreaNova

2a Setmana de la Ciència i 1a Fira Virtual d’Experiments a CreaNova - 2020 - Col·legi CreaNova - learning by doing - Sant Cugat del Vallès - Barcelona

2nd Science Week and 1st Virtual Experiment Fair at CreaNova

We enjoyed very fun and interesting days, full of adventures and new discoveries thanks to the celebration of the 2nd Science Week and the 1st Virtual Science Fair. 

Taking a quick tour, we researched from the youngest to the oldest how rockets take off, why the aeroplanes fly, volcanic eruptions …, chemical reactions, shadows and light, Newton, the apple and gravity. .. to reach the origins of the Earth through a beautiful online exhibition of minerals from Ecuador or a ‘Pasapalabra’ that tested our knowledge of women and science and being able to discover the beauty of the ‘BioArt’!

We also had some interesting talks from two moms from the school specialized in Genetics and Neuroscience (thanks Sònia and Erika!); a grandpa geologist (thanks Diego!); a sister who has transported us to the reality of research and labs (thanks Irene); an uncle who has brought us closer to the reality of Covid-19 through the Fake News (thanks Gerard!); and also our thanks to doctor Clara Weisweiler that brought her experience through La Marató Foundation.

Finally, the 1st Virtual Experiment Fair was a great success and allowed us to make ‘family science’!
Enjoy these images and videos of some of the most exciting moments of the week!

Thanks to everyone!