The Science Week at CreaNova

The Science Week at CreaNova

The Science Week at CreaNova has been very exciting and enriching starting with the INSPIRA STEAM project, where the students of the Da Vinci group have deepened in the world of science and technology and, above all, the approach and presence from women to science.

The inter-curricular activities, proposals and workshops throughout the week have been emphasized as one of the distinguishing fundamentals of the CreaNova Educational Project.

We have seen Inici, Reunió and Assemblea groups amazed by the performances that Middle students have made of different scientists explaining who they were and what they invented.
Baccalaureate, Plato (ESO4) and Hawking (ESO2) students have been discussing science topics through articles and a couple of high school students presented several experiments to the Galileo group on ‘No Newtonian liquids’ or how to touch the fire without getting burnt!
The Picasso group (3rd ESO) have entered into science through the workshops ‘Light yourself with circuits’ and ‘Motors and Speakers, what do they have in common?’
Picasso and Plato also attend a workshop on scientific myths. Some of these legends serve to convey a certain vision of the world.
Inici, Reunió and Assemblea students enjoyed the activity of the “Mystery boxes” in the English workshop, in which students presented different boxes that contained some materials inside. The first phase was to find out which object was inside without opening it. While they tried to guess what object it contained, through observation and manipulation, they had to write down all the perceptions to a grid, and then the conclusions that extracted from these observations. Next, they had to distinguish between the results obtained and discuss among the members of the same team. Finally, each team put together their observations and conclusions on each of the boxes on the board. From here we discussed the results box by box, which demonstrated different points of view and had to reach an agreement … what a fun!

Genetics, Descartes and Pythagoras and the monochord completed the activities and workshops of this wonderful Science Week at CreaNova!

Thanks to you all for your cooperation!

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