CreaNova with Gemma Lienas, the writer

CreaNova amb l'escriptora Gemma Lienes

CreaNova with Gemma Lienas, the writer

Getting to know a writer as important as Gemma Lienas is always a very enriching experience.

Last Friday, December 6, a group of students from High had the opportunity to interview the author, at the Gabriel Ferrater Library in Sant Cugat.

Each student read a book by the author and also researched her literary career. The author congratulated them on how they worked on reading “El fil invisible“, the novel with which Gemma Lienas won the Sant Joan BBVA Award, a book with intrigue and a good narrative rhythm.

In addition to talking about this essential book, they have also talked about her long career as a writer, other projects in which she has participated, and the anecdotes that have occurred to her during all these years. Little by little, students have been discovering Lienas ‘secrets’ when it comes to inspiration and writing.

Gemma Lienas’s vocation for writing has always been transmitted throughout the talk with the students.

CreaNova amb l'escriptora Gemma Lienas