CreaNova Summer Camps 2021




Open to all children from 3 to 16 years old in Infant School, Primary & Secondary Education, of all schools.
From June 28 to July 16 you can enjoy through music, drama, cooking, science and technology of lots of activities, enriching ourselves in a unique environment, sharing experiences and adventures and meeting new friends. Based on the Educational Project of our school, ‘Learning by doing’, each week offers your children a series of opportunities to explore, investigate and experiment. The activities and projects are practical, exposing the student to trial and error, constant discovery and eagerness to learn, always motivated and with new challenges to achieve.

CreaNova Summer Camps 2021 - Week 1 - Let's Cook!
  • Let's Cook!

    • Week 1: Let’s cook and become a chef. 
    • 28th June – 2nd July (4 days) 
    • Nutritional education and healthy cooking. A good diet, a healthy life and cooking are increasingly relevant. Let’s learn together and share this wonderful culinary journey between ingredients, flavours and cultures.
      Become a great chef for a few days! 
    • Work and learning process: nutritional assessment; balance diet; our great Mediterranean diet; creative laboratory; “your recipes”; closing of the week (Friday).
    • More info here (PDF flyer)

CreaNova Summer Camps 2021 - Week 2 - Teatro Musical
  • Musical (dance, verse & music)

    • Week 2: Musical (dance, verse & music). 
    • 5th – 9th july 
    • Do you like performing arts? And music? Do you want to develop oral and body expression skills? Shall we go on stage? During this first week, CreaNova will take you on a wonderful musical journey through the performance. Create your own character, be part of a story, improvise and let your imagination and feelings fly. 
    • Work and learning process: stage performance; jazz dance and vocal education; performing work; creation of a scenography.
    • More info here (PDF flyer)


CreaNova Summer Camps 2021 - Week 3 - Discovering Science - STEAM
  • Discovering Science (STEAM)

    • Week 3: Discovering Science (STEAM). 
    • 12th – 16th july 
    • Robotics, engineering and coding are increasingly present in our day to day. At CreaNova we combine Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) making possible the implementation and development of these abilities of our students, betting on their creative minds. 
    • Work and learning process: robotics; coding; laboratory experiments; field work (natural environment); Science Fair (Friday).
    • More info here (PDF flyer)


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